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Hey everyone!

So at this point I thought the regulations would start calming down. They are not. I am taking appointments as they come and my availability is limited. I am replying to emails on Mondays so please be patient. I am available Tues 4-8 Wed,Thur,Fri 12-4 give or take. My hourly rate is 150 an hour. My appointment lengths very altho I usually have 4 hrs set aside for each appointment. So contact me to set up an appointment asap so I can get you in at the earliest convenience. For up to date artwork please view my Instagram @quinners666 

CONSULTS - I am doing everything through email however i may ask to speak in person. If you would like to set up an in person consult I recommend it be a little before the times given Tues 4-8 Wed,Thur,Fri 12-4 or directly after. Make sure I put it in my callender because I will forget! Anyways absolutely feel free to email me throughout the month with your ideas in full! Please add descriptions such as Where you would like your tattoo, how big you would like your tattoo. A photo of where the tattoo is going. Reference pictures that help describe your ideas. Please refrain from short emails that require me to ask you multiple questions back. We are not texting. If we are working on a large project or ongoing projects please make sure I have offered you a few months worth of appointment so the time does not get filled.

TOUCH UP If your tattoo needs a touchup it will have to be before my appointments  Wed,Thur,Fri 12noon. We’ll figure that out through email.


MINIMUM Due to the rising costs to make sure your experience is extra safe. I now have a minimum of 200 per appointment. When getting booked you will need to leave a 200.00 deposit with me. My rate does not apply to all the tattoo artists at Electric Cheetah Tattoos. If you are looking for something small the shop minimum is 80 and please email go to the Cheetah page to set up an appointment with an artist.


Gift Cards are no longer available


Thank you!

Lauren Quinn

About Quinn Tattoo in Bethlehem, PA

Hi, I'm Quinn, a tattoo artist working out of the Electric Cheetah tattoo shop in Bethlehem, PA. My specialties are geode tattoos, floral tattoos, and--my favorite--nerdy tattoos. To get inked by me, set up a consultation!

Not quite ready for a tattoo? That's cool, too. I'm here to answer any questions you may have. Hit up my contact page and let me know what you have been thinking of getting. Here's more Information on Electric Cheetah Tattoos.

​Check out my Portfolio! Here's a few tattoo styles I quite enjoy:

  • Look Book - Tattoos I'd like to do. Let me know if you want to claim a tattoo design for yourself!

  • Geode Tattoos - Tattoos heavily influenced by geodes. It's super challenging and way fun.

  • Floral Tattoos - Classic floral tattoos that never go out of style

  • Nerdy Tattoos- One of my favorites. Taking your classic video game loves and making them so much more fun.

Quinn is very personable and a great tattoo artist. I never had a tattoo before and she made me feel comfortable. If you want a tattoo ask for Quinn.

Gwen H.

I am in awe of Quinn's artistic talent and attention to detail! In my 60's and getting my first tattoo, Quinn made me feel totally at ease and took my vision of what I wanted and transformed it to a whole other level. Brilliant is all I can day! And thank you Doug Brock for introducing me to Quinn's world!

Nancy L.

I have several tattoos done over the years by a few different artist but finding Quinn was awesome the best work I have on my body. Her lines were perfection and she made my tattoo come to life I couldn't be happier. Definitely recommend her and I look forward to getting more from her in the future ❤

Sandy S.

Quinn is an amazing artist. She took my basic sketches and transformed it into a much more beautiful image. This was my first tattoo and I was really worried. But, Quinn has a light touch and I totally love the final result.

Nancy F.

Quinn did my first ever tattoo over three years ago and it still looks as beautiful as the day I got it!
Beautiful results · Incredible artists · Amazing results · Good for first tattoos · Experienced tattoo artists

Chrstine C.

Quinn really outdid herself in my amazing tattoo. Would definitely recommend her to absolutely everyone I know.

Lisha G.

Great person to communicate your ideas to. Great work and professional attitude!!!!!

Jeremy S.

Quinn has done a couple of tattoos for me. She is great! Very nice, professional & very cautious & keeping things clean while doing your tattoo. She works with you before to make sure your getting what you really want & reminding you its with you forever! She even makes sure you don't need a break! She kept checking but I was fine! I mean getting a tattoo on my foot hurt but she checked to make sure I was handling it well! I highly recommend Quinn!! I already have sent others to her & everyone of them were happy!

Elizabeth R.S.

Quinn is a fantastic artist & a pleasure to work with. Her line work & color is amazing. I have 7 pieces from her now & they are by far my favorite tattoos. Truly beautiful works of art that I get to wear forever. Thanks girl!

Maeg M.

Quinn is an amazing artist. She took my inspiration and turned it into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It turned out much more detailed than I would have ever imagined and I'm so thankful for her dedication to her craft! Healed pic in the comments.

Stephanie H.

Quinn’s done 2 tattoos for me now, she’s incredibly professional, super friendly and easy to talk to, and more than anything is an incredible artist! Cannot recommend any higher.

Wyatt K.

Quinn is an amazing artist and absolutely loved what she did for me. Would 100% go back and get more done! :)

Roger A.

She's always been my favorite. She's been doing my work since she started & I love everything she does. She's passionate about what she does and she's an amazing artist l.

Tawnie H.

Quinn is an Über talented tattooer!! She's Hidden gem in the Lehigh valley!

Michael M.

My first ink and it was the best experience ever. Relaxing, funny, and overall good vibes the entire time. If you want quality work, a good laugh, and beautiful work you need to go to Quinn 💪 Can’t wait to book my next ink and touch ups with her! (And I’m flying from the west coast THAT’S how good she is 😋)

Eurydice M.

Quinn is a great artist. I had a basic design and she turned it into a work of art. She did an agate design on a heart for me and it is amazing. Highly recommend her. Will be a repeat customer.

Heather L.

I went to Quinn with a design and she turned it into something even better and was able to coverup an old tattoo with it. Even though my leg had uncontrollable flinches in a certain spot, she was able to work through it and the tattoo came out awesome. You have a client for life in me. I would recommend her to anyone! 👍🏼

Nicole H.

She nailed it. Old school traditional tattoo. Her line work is clean and color is vibrant and amazing. I highly recommend Quinn for your first or next tattoo.

Jessie H.

The work speaks for itself! Quinn makes every individual piece of artwork into custom made masterpieces. So happy to have met her years ago! :)

Hope D.

Quinn is an amazingly talented artist and such a sweetheart. I came to her with an idea and she created the most gorgeous piece!

Michelle F.


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