5 Reasons You should come to Skindustry Tattoo Expo this weekend and why

Every year in March the Lehigh Valley hosts a progressive Tattoo Expo known as Skindustry. The brain child of Steve from Quillian Tattoo, the Expo brings together amazing artists from the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, other states and even other countries. They all comingle in the Expo center as an explosive, eclectic, creative 3 day get together. The place is electric as soon as you enter. The amount of talent housed there is extensive. Here's why you should visit ...

One. (Besides the fact Electric Cheetah will be there, and you want to support your favorite shop) Ideas! There is no better place to gather ideas for your next tattoo. You will see different styles, contexts, methods, placements, color pallets then you may normally see at just one shop... Or even browsing the internet.

Two. Questions answered. Expos are a great place for tattoo virgins to get a feel of what a tattoo experience is going to be like without the daunting steps of walking into a shop... Alone... With no ink. I've had previous clients tell me they always wanted to come in to the shop but were apprehensive of being judged for having no tattoos. Although we at the Cheetah are definitely not that type of shop, I can understand... And the great thing about the Expo is it literally has every type person walking around. From kids, to mom and dads, to head to toe tattooed bikers to grandmas...

Three. Cool stuff! Everyone loves cool stuff. Expos are a great place to pick up cool and unusual stuff you definitely wouldn't find in the mall. Custom art, eclectic t-shirts, body jewelry, stickers, custom jewelry, figurines... You never quite know what treasures await you.

Four. Contests! Have you ever gone to a art gallery? Browsing the halls of beautiful works of art, discussing their composition, colors, use of depth and texture... It's quite an experience. Expos bring art galleries to life on skin. Tattoo collectors compete in categories and showcase their art in a art gallery meets beauty pageant style contest. The collector shows their piece to the audience as well as a panel of esteemed judges and are critiqued. Winners of each category receives a plaque and so does their artist. Also. Ya know, bragging rights (Quinn won 1st place small/medium Color for my Rose 😊.

Five. It's basically a 3 day long party. Not only is there amazing tattoos going on, there's places to eat, drink (yes alcohol) and live bands as well! I also saw something about $6 bloody Mary's on Sunday, so brunch is covered... While It's a stressful time for shops to prepare for... once we all get there we are ready for a good time...

See you this weekend?

-Amy Cheetah

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