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Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Ok, so I have committed to a brand of aftercare and they have decided to back me! Recovery is the best aftercare in my opinion. It's The most practical aftercare I've seen. I have used Derm Shield for 2 years now and I love their products! I have seen other people use Saniderm and other brands only to leave them with so much adhesive stuck to them that it makes the whole experience more of an annoyance. Saniderm has more of a glossy feel like your wrapped in plastic. Recovery however, leaves you with a smooth matte finish. It's like wearing nothing at all. I really recommend it for everyone especially during 2021. No one wants open wounds at work or anywhere else.

I also carry Recovery’s Tattoo Salve. Along with recovery's ph balanced soaps. These products will keep your tattoos clean and dewy during the healing process if you don't want to use Derm Shield. I also love that they have a lotion to get you through that itchy phase.

Recovery also carries a CBD tattoo glide I can use during your tattoo if requested.

How have you taken care of your tattoos? Do these sound like options you would be interested in? Let me know any questions you might have and I will address them!

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