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Artistic Dreams: Commissioned Artwork and Support for My Tattoo Studio

Hello everyone! I am excited to announce that I am in the process of opening my own tattoo studio. While this venture was not initially planned for this year, the overwhelming support and love from all of you have inspired me to take this next step in my career as a tattoo artist and entrepreneur.

As a single mother, I am determined to make my dreams a reality and solidify my presence in the industry. I have always believed in providing high-quality tattoos at reasonable prices, and I take pride in my clean lines, vibrant colors, and friendly personality. However, the expenses of opening my own studio have been a challenge, and I would greatly appreciate any support you can offer.

In exchange for your generosity, I am offering commissioned artwork that can bring your ideas to life in stunning detail. Whether you are looking for a unique piece of art for your home or office, a personalized gift for a loved one, or a design for a potential future tattoo, I am here to help. Your support in purchasing commissioned artwork not only allows me to continue pursuing my passion but also enables you to own a one-of-a-kind piece created just for you.

If you are interested in commissioning artwork, please visit my store to explore available options or reach out to discuss your ideas. Additionally, I am accepting donations of any amount to help offset the costs of opening my studio. Your support in any form is greatly appreciated, and I am committed to finding creative ways to make these transactions mutually beneficial. Thank you for being a part of my artistic journey!

I believe I have a form for commissioned artwork under my contact section and here is a link to my ko-fo ( ) if you would like to support me through a monthly subscription donations or a one time donation. Thank you for all the support through the years and I I appreciate all of you so much….. this… is…. Stressful.

Love you

Lauren Quinn

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