Beautifully Strange Creations and Designs!

We all have been in quarantine for quite sometime now. With my appointments cut in half and still feeling the need to be creative I started making really fun and colorful designs. I know they can be a bit strange but as I'm creating them and seeing it all come together with no real "rime or reason" it puts a smile on my face. The way the lines take their own adventure across the canvas with rich and vibrant colors forming A wonderful piece of art. It can make your worries disappear as you look into it. I would love to see them on larger canvases like a huge mural but being a small business in tough times I have to adapt. I decided to make them into cool items we use in our everyday lives as a way to relax our minds a bit.

I made these lively sketch books that you can put your own ideas into! Everyone should be creative to keep life fresh and fun!

We all should be safe and help protect each other by wearing masks but who says they can't be an accessory to our outfit that puts a little pop in our style!

I'm really excited about these funky, eco friendly, fully biodegradable cell phone cases! They have no plastic to them and are made from PLA plant polymer and bamboo. everyone can now show off your favorite artists designs every time you answer a call LOL! Seriously though, earth day should be everyday!

Last but not least I made some stylish tote bags. They come in three different sizes so you can put anything from make up and art supplies to books or beach towels in the summer! They are made from high quality materials and will look amazing for many seasons to come!

These are just a few of the new items I decided to get creative with. I also have some funky pillows, shower curtains, and pet beds for some crisp home décor! Please, check out all the new insane designs and products here on

Let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy my beautifully strange creations and designs!


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