Cover up Conundrum

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

So ive worked with Quinn for about 5 years now... a lot of you know me. I am the behind the scenes gal who facilitates booking, starts the chat about designs, gets deposits, takes pics of Quinn in the act of tattooing and make funny social media posts.. so although i dont actually tattoo. I have a pretty good grasp of the industry and have learned a lot from my friends aka artists. One of the biggest things I often hear from clients is "i need a coverup" Sometimes the tattoo is super tiny, super faded, and a relatively easy job for the artist. However some tattoos are too dark, too large, or too oddly shaped to facilitate a quality coverup. So most times we say the thing every client hates to hear... "you should seek out some laser treatments." Before i was in the industry i myself would probably scoff at the artist and proceed to find another artist... but then after seeing and understanding the process i can tell you this... If your artist tells you to seek laser treatments they are actually doing you a solid. They are looking out for you, your skin, and the art. They are trusting you to go through laser treatments, and then hopefully return to them to create the piece of art you really desired. Any artist could look at a tattoo and say yeah i can cover that... but most of the time you will end up with the same panther, black rose, or black koi... if you want sonething you will truly be happy with, go through with the recommendations from your artists. Believe me... they have seen it all... and its more important to them to create a piece of art then take a chunk of your paycheck.

So... where does one seek laser treatments?? We highly reccomend Go Tattoo Laser Removal . Mike and his team can walk you through the process and help build realistic goals for future projects or completely remove mistakes to the best of their ability. Check them out at

And tell them the #cheetahpack sent you!-- Amy

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