Feeling the winter blues?? It's the perfect time for a new Tattoo!

Summer. Warm days. Strong rays. We start shedding clothes and showing off that new ink. A lot of people decide to get tattoos in the summer. Our studio definitely starts to see an increase of clients walking through the door in the warmer months. But ya know what...summer is not the most ideal time to get that new tattoo. For one you are already in a uncomfortable experience. Then making it worse with the heat of summer and high temps. Also fresh ink needs to be covered for awhile after completion... having to wear plastic on your arm or wherever in the hot weather... definitely not pleasant. Also the more your skin is exposed to the outside elements THE LONGER IT WILL TAKE TO HEAL! Not to mention how sweat can irritate a tattoo. Also the over exposure of sunlight on your fresh ink can cause loss if color and make healing much more time consuming.

So... why fall and winter? You're definitely going to be more covered up in fall and winter. So the chance of sun damage is far less. We also don't want you to be missing out on all that summer fun tending to your new tattoo. If you do that in the winter by the time summer rolls around you can slap on some sunscreen and hit the beach! Not to mention you probably won't be going swimming in January. Lakes and oceans contain bacteria which is safe for human contact but can definitely cause infection in a healing tattoo... (it is a open wound afterall) And believe me an infected tattoo is not only a pain in the butt to deal with but it can permanently damage the appearance of that piece you just spent good money on!

So with all that being said... who wants a appointment!? Book at Quinntattoo.com

-Amy Cheetah

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