What's your tattoo for??

I have pretty many tattoos. Like, not as many as some of my friends in the industry but you can definitely tell I'm no stranger in the tattoo community. I have half of my back, half sleeve, a shoulder cap, and two legs sleeved to the knees. And a few little jammers here and there... when people (non tattooed or single tattooed) see my tattoos, the first thing they ask is usually... "What's your tattoo for?"

Umm... Well the younger me with far less ink on their body would start explaining the flowers on my back are from my moms garden, the buddha on my calf is to remind me of the laws of karma, the dragonflies and butterflies are to remind me to live in the moment... But now... the 35 (almost, march 26 btw) former chef turned tattooed mom of 2 girls who helps at the Cheetah and simply "aint got time for dat" simply says... "it means I liked it so I got it."

I realized I don't owe anyone an explanation of what I put on my body. And if I am in the mood I may tell you the story behind each of my pieces... but some are a sort of therapy that I'd rather not delve into... until I'm ready.

So what are your thoughts? Do you spill the beans about your ink?? Or do you just shrug and say " i liked it."

-Amy Cheetah

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